Bernice's Tea & Spice

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Try our Hand-Blended Rub & Spice Blends

Skhug ~ A Middle Eastern Blend. Try it with feta and olive oil for a quick dip. Corn on the cob will never be the same once you sprinkle this signature spice on it.

Brazilian Steakhouse ~ Name says it all

Coffee Rub ~ Great for steaks like hanger, flank or skirt. 

Roast & Steak Rub ~ Sun-dried tomatoes with rosemary and other spices. Also great on roasted potatoes.

Chip N' Honey ~ Chiptole chile powder blended with dehydrated honey. Chicken, salmon and sweet potatoes.

Rooster Spice ~ Sriracha Dry Spice ~ Yup use on everything.

Bloody Mary Spice ~ Rim your glass with this spice or better use as a dry rub for your wings. 

A complete list of our current rub and spice blends will be posted soon. Until then look for us at our booth in Main Street Antiques (P-101) 500 South Main Street, Mooresville,  NC and local events.











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